Thursday, 5 April 2012

SEO or PPC – Which is more effective for Social Media Marketing

A recent survey has revealed the secret that social media marketers are more likely to utilize SEO as part of their marketing strategy. When it comes to social media marketing, SEO or search engine optimization is still a preferred choice for them as compared to PPC. The survey is based on the views of around 3,000 social media online marketers.

They were asked several questions as to what SMO technique they prioritize. According to
them, after email marketing SEO is the most used marketing channel for the purpose of SMO.
On the contrary, paid search which is better known as online ads ranks much below in the list
of preference. 65% of social media marketers use SEO whereas only 35% attach a preference to PPC. For those who are more interested in fact and figure, it is enough to give them a snippet of reality.

As it has been found that B2B social marketers use SEO more as compared to their B2C
counterparts. Some who put more emphasize on SEO instead of paid click advertising, are going to re-strategize their SEO plan. The number is slightly down from the previous year’s r result but that does not give any hint that the social media markets are making a shift towards PPC as far as the survey report goes.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

How to create a dynamic Profile on LinkedIn Connection (Part II)

In the previous blog, I have mentioned some important guidelines as to how to create a good LinkedIn profile. Here are the rest of them to help you beat your own trumpet.

  • Write a concise and powerful summary. Make it sure to write in first person. You must set the tone of writing in conversational style. You need to project yourself and your problem-solving skill. Your writing must reflect the fact that you stand apart from run-of-the-mill. Give your contact details in the summary and keep it clear-cut and call-to-action.
  •  Make it a point to create your very own LinkedIn URL. Though you are assigned with an automatically generated random URL by LinkedIn, but you may not like its look. Click on the URL and go for the edit option. Include your name or something that relates to you. Never use your business name because it may change later.
  •  There are several widgets like blog feed, twitter feed and you must not forget to include them.
  •  Give your education background and professional experience in details. But then here also you need to be choosy about the keywords
  •  Your details must not contain any spelling or grammatical mistake. Check it several times so that even the minor mistake does not avert your eyes. Get someone checked the spelling on your behalf.
  •  Do not keep your profile secret because it will bring you no benefits. Once you are done with it, make sure to let your profile get the required exposure to the LinkedIn family members.
  • Request the people whom you actually know on LinkedIn to recommended you. This way you will get more contacts from other professionals who require your service. Point to remember – never send requests to the unfamiliar ones regarding recommendations even though they are included in your contacts.
  • Another way to do it better is to find out the most powerful and successful echelons in the industry on this social networking platform and check how they have decorated their profiles. This way, you may conjure up some great ideas to make your LinkedIn signature more powerful.